Ride Records originally started as the musical home to Steve Azar. The term “Ride” came from a story when Azar was just a youngster growing up in Greenville, MS. Behind the liquor store owned by Steve’s father, Steve would hang out and listen and learn from some blues greats. One of those legends was the great, Little Milton.

This is the story as told by Steve Azar-

“It was all around us down there, and I was hooked on what it was they were talking about. Little Milton, Sam Chatmon and Roosevelt (Booba) Barnes all lived, or hung out there. B.B. King was from Itta Bena and Albert King was raised in Indianola, both towns are out on Highway 82 from Greenville. When my early band started growing and we were up to three trucks to carry all the band and gear, Little Milton would say, ‘You really gonna’ do this Little Azar!’ (that’s what he called me) It wasn’t a question, he was telling me, and he saw me actually doing it. He told me, If you’re gonna’ do this, you gotta’ make it your whole life, you gotta’ work hard everyday at it, and you are gonna be in the “Ride” of your life!” (and that is where Ride comes from)

Today Ride Records is a full-functioning independent record Company run by a few friends of Steve that he has known for many many years.

Ride Records is now the musical home to the most amazing group of singer/songwriters, musicians, performers, and all dear friends to all of us here are Ride.

We invite you to jump the artist section and sample the music of these amazing people and find out why we ‘love what we get to do’.

Our best to you always-